Rebuilding The Web

Articles, advocacy, discussion and debate about the many problems of the Web and the challenges of rebuilding it.

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My company, Belus Technology, provides software development services. We specialize in Windows desktop and web applications. We work with technologies like Microsoft .NET, SQL Server and the latest web technologies. We take on small and medium sized projects.

In addition to building applications, we are able to host and provide ongoing maintenance, support and end-user documentation.

Our software development rate is $80 USD per hour. For a free evaluation and estimate, email me at: feedback [at] rebuildingtheweb [dot] com. Please put the words "Rebuilding The Web" in the subject line.

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I am working on a new project that combines Event Sourcing and Microservices to make data access faster and cheaper to scale than traditional databases. Try the demos and let me know what you think.