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Articles, advocacy, discussion and debate about the many problems of the Web and the challenges of rebuilding it.


Vlad Alexander headshot.My name is Vlad Alexander and I am the editor of Rebuilding The Web. I am a software engineer and head of development for XStandard, a standards-compliant XHTML WYSIWYG editor. I am passionate about the technology that makes up the Web and recently the future of the Web has been on my mind.

I have come both to love and hate the Web. I love the way the Web brings people from around the world together to exchange ideas and do commerce. I love that the Web has the potential of giving everyone an equal voice regardless of their background. But I hate that the Web can be difficult to use for so many people. I hate that it's difficult to build standards-compliant Web sites. And I hate that Web technology is not secure.

I hope this site can be a place to discuss the many problems of the Web and the challenges of rebuilding it.

And if you have any feedback about the site itself, email me at: feedback [at] rebuildingtheweb [dot] com. Please put the words "Rebuilding The Web" in the subject line.


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I am working on a new project that combines Event Sourcing and Microservices to make data access faster and cheaper to scale than traditional databases. Try the demos and let me know what you think.